Sunday, March 7, 2010

Catching Up - One month to go!

I went on vacation last week. It was just 3 days, but as a mother 3 days with no child, no husband and no responsibilities is a pretty great vacation!

I had a wonderful time, and saw quite a few friends and family members I'd been wanting to reconnect with. It was wonderful. The problem: eating out! Most places have no idea how to make a salad, let alone anything else raw that might taste good.

I found one raw vegan restaurant in Portland (Maine) thanks to my little sister. I was ecstatic walking in. Wheat grass shots, salads, raw veggie burgers, etc. I had a salad made from beet greens, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds cucumbers, avocados, etc, etc...JUST like I'd make for myself at home. I was thrilled! I also brought a cooler of fruits and veggies with me so I could nosh late-night and in the mornings.

Still, most of the places I went to eat with friends had pretty slim pickings. I'll admit, I ate some bread and oil at one restaurant. While I'm confessing, I'll admit to eating a scone made by a client during a company visit on Tuesday...overall, though, I was probably 95% raw while on vacation, so I consider that a major accomplishment!

I've had many, many people asking me about my diet lately. I've also been getting better at my recipes. The flax crackers that I last made were better than the ones served in the restaurant my sister and I went to, for instance. My husband AND my dad both told me I could sell the cacao/sunflower seed granola. I'm settling into a comfortable lifestyle that I think I can handle and maintain...that's what really matters.

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  1. Thanks for your posts. Just wanted to let you know that I'm cheering you on!