Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 1 - Struggle!

It started well enough. I had some leftover cherry strawberry cheesecake and raw chili to get me through the day, but it went downhill once I left the house.

The biggest problem I've found with eating raw is that it is so FREAKING hard to find unprocessed foods on the go. We were all ready for a great night of contra dancing. We had our water bottles filled, and our dancing shoes on! We dropped our daughter off at her friend's house, and I was HUNGRY! Where to get something suitable on a moment's notice in a small town? The grocery store salad bar!

Closed down for the night. At 9pm! I looked around the produce section, my blood sugar levels making me cranky and impatient, I didn't WANT a banana or a bag of carrots. I wanted something hearty...and, so I caved. Sorry, all! This first week is bound to be rough, because I want foods that taste like cooked foods still...I remember last year when my taste buds really changed and became much more sensitive from my diet. I am not yet there...

I settled for nori rolls with raw avocado, carrots and cucumber - the only cooked part was the brown rice. I kicked myself a bit, but then remembered this is not about being strict, it's about being healthy. Fueled up, we went out for some Valentine's folk dancing!

Still - I saw an urgent need to have raw foods on hand. When I got home, as my husband was settling our little one into bed, I mixed up a granola mix and put it in the dehydrator for my breakfast tomorrow. This is my favorite gRAWnola recipe so far from all of my kitchen experiments.

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