Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 5 - Good, but getting boring...

I tend to be the person who says what you're not supposed to say. On the other hand, the thing you're not supposed to say is usually the thing that everyone is thinking.

So, here I go again: I feel deprived! I want cheese! I want Turkey! AAAAAARGH!!!!!

I guess I'm learning about sacrifice. It's one of those ugly things that adulthood has to offer. Sacrifice leads to benefit. No pain, no gain. Yeah, yeah. I want fat and salt in a serious way right now.
Five days 100% raw vegan. My energy level is great. I've lost 5 pounds while eating like a horse, and all I can think about is cheeseburgers and salt. I don't even LIKE meat! So, what's up?

Cacao has completely removed my craving for coffee. Amen for that! What about this fat craving? I'm scarfing down dates and almonds while I type...but what can I do to replace the satisfaction of cheese? That simple, comforting, milky goodness...If you have suggestions, I'm all ears!


  1. Don't worry, most people find meat the easiest thing to give up. In a short while your cravings will be gone. Keep it up!

    As far as cheese... this was my bane as well. Eventually though... I my brain just eventually solidified "CHEESE=SICK". Now the only hard part is the memories of eating it, especially pizza with friends, etc. But, again, don't worry, its hard at first but it gets a lot easier. I don't know a replacement for it; just eat a lot of your favorite fruits and practice self-discipline.

  2. Thanks, Jon. I remember last time I was raw. Eventally my husband and daughter's food just looked so DEAD and bland in comparison to mine. Right now, I'm in that ugly period where I feel deprived.

    It will get easier eventually, I hope. How long have you been eating raw?

  3. try going to

    It's a great raw vegan blog and Gena has many good, raw, vegan recipes. Don't give up!

    A good way to mimic cheese (I find) is to make sauces/pates out of seeds (I don't do nuts cause I'm allergic but almond is great)

    Experiment with raw vegan sauces, seed/nut butters. A good way to also fight cravings is EXERCISE.

  4. Hi, found you from I like your blog! Our wedding anniv. is april 6th! I started 80/10/10 this week. I have done it before and felt amazing. I want the 'glow' again. SO i'm stuffing my face with fruit, YUM :) Were in this together!!

  5. Okay, **deep breath here** I didn't give up the cheese. I didn't want to. I'm 100 percent raw, and I (occasionally) eat raw, local cheese. I understand that some will flog me for this, but I'm happy this way. This is what makes me feel fulfilled, and my body tolerates this well. No, even better, my body seems happier with this. I feel satisfied and full. About once per week, I have raw goats' milk cheese on raw (local) crackers and it tasted exquisite. I believe we each have to find our own way.

  6. Annie~! You won't get a flogging from me! I looove raw milk and cheese! The photo up top has raw feta on the salad. But, I've decided to do vegan this time around.

    I think avocados may be my best replacement at this point. I agree with you that we each have to find our own way.

  7. Kathleen, that's great you're coming along with me! HOw is 80-10-10 going for you this time around?