Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 2 - Getting better

Today was a great raw day!!!

Last night, I set out some cashews, wheat, brown rice and sprout seeds to soak (separately, of course!). Always be prepared! Before I went to bed, I also mixed up a granola and put it in the dehydrator so I'd have breakfast ready when I woke up.

Grapefruit juice and granola instead of coffee for breakfast was different, but gooooood.

The thing that struck me today was that I'd forgotten how MUCH I have to eat when I eat all raw foods. It makes sense. It's pure fuel, and it burns fast. Still, I had a bowl full of granola (the equivalent of about 4 granola bars) and a couple of clementines, and a banana and a small pot of tea all for breakfast. That's a lot for me.

My energy level today was really even-keeled. No big ups and downs. Lunch was leftover raw chili. I will post my recipe, but I don't think it's as good as the raw chili in Matthew Kenney's Every Day Raw cookbook. I just didn't have all the ingredients on hand, so I improvised, and got a pretty good result.

My goal with my food now is that it be 1) quick to make, and 2) delicious, so I don't get bored.

Dinner was the beet raviolis from Raw Food, Real World. A picture of mine is above. Great cookbook, great dish!

Still, I was drooling over the strawberry yogurt that my daughter ate, and I found it hard to resist a cheese stick. There's something about the salt and fat and sugar in those foods that is like crack for my tongue. That's why I have to make really tasty raw food. If I feel deprived, I'll cave.

Anyway, it was a great day in food, a great day in yoga, and a great day with my family. I have granola on-hand for breakfast tomorrow, but the real test will be my work day tomorrow. I'll be spending the day doing research in the university library, and I can already hear the coffee in the faculty club calling my name!

Anyone have a good raw replacement for the warm, creamy comfort of coffee? I'm all ears!


  1. I recently heard about this as "beating expresso any day" - proably not taste-wise, but as a pick-me-up:
    *lemon ginger blast*
    juice all of the following:
    2 lemons peeled
    1" fresh ginger root peeled
    cayenne pepper
    1 c. distilled water
    opt. celery, cloves garlic.

  2. YES! We have a similar thing in our house. We call it a "Kick in the Face" because of how awful it tastes! But, when we take it regularly, we don't get sick.